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What is it ?
Wall Insulation

Houses built between certain time periods were built with a cavity between the inner and outer brick. This gap was supposed to act as a “thermos” style barrier with the cold. New technologies have now been developed to fill that cavity with insulation that would outperform the thermos style barrier.

There are various styles of cavity and various levels of insulation installed on build. Ranging from no insulation at all to polyboard or partial fill cavities. Each of these can be improved on and further reduce the amount of heat lost through the walls of your home.

Estimated heat loss without insulation

Cavity Walls
The Roof
Windows & Doors

Do I have a Cavity Wall?

To work out if your home has cavity walls is simple, Just take a look at the brick pattern. If your bricks run lenghtways across, then you do. If your bricks run full lenght – half brick – full lenght etc, then you dont have a cavity wall.

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A series of small holes are drilled into the mortar between the bricks. The insulation is then pumped in, 95% of the time there is no need to enter the house. The only part of the property that may have to be drilled would be the brickwork on the inside of a conservatory, if the installer cannot get close enough from just outside it.

Assuming no complications are encountered, such as access complications, approximate times as follows :

Mid Terrace – 1 1/2 hours.
3 Bed Semi Detached – 3 hours.
5 Bed Detached – 4 hours.

At the moment it is free to every household, this is expected to chnage when ECO3 comes out and homes not receiving benefits will be expected to make a contribution.

Yes. A 25 year guarantee is provided by CIGA. (The Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency), this is sent to you once the work has been completed.
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How do I apply ?

First check that you have a cavity in your home, then contact us and we will check your area and arrange for a surveyor to visit. please note that we are usually working in certain parts of the country and you may have to wait until we are next in your area.